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  • Scangrip Sunmatch 4 New
  • Scangrip Sunmatch 4 New
  • Scangrip Sunmatch 4 New
  • Scangrip Sunmatch 4 New

Scangrip Sunmatch 4 New

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SCANGRIP Sunmatch 4 is a compact and handy rechargeable LED work light that is always at hand for preparation and color matching. Compared to the previous model, the SCANGRIP Sunmatch 4 has a unique, stepless CCT SCAN function. When the CCT SCAN function is activated, the hand lamp automatically scans the surface of the object with the entire color temperature spectrum in the range from 2500K to 6500K. The CCT SCAN function can be locked at any time and in this way you can adapt the light to the inspection task at hand. This provides ideal conditions for accurate color matching and detecting paint defects. SCANGRIP Sunmatch 4also features a stepless dimming function from 10% to 100%. The lamp is equipped with a spotlight on the top for inspection tasks.

This light is easy to attach and adjust to suit examinations with the sturdy rotating hook or the strong built-in magnet at the bottom. The flexible lamp head can be swiveled up to 180°. With its robust construction, the SCANGRIP Sunmatch 4 is both dust and waterproof (IP65). The glass lens is resistant to solvents and a battery indicator on the front shows when the battery needs to be recharged. To avoid overheating, the intelligent thermal protection system reduces the output to 50% after three minutes of continuous operation at full light output.

For a soft, diffused light, a small diffuser is included, which is simply mounted on the front of the lens.


• Li-ion battery with 3.7V operating voltage

• 2600mAh battery capacity

• 5V charging voltage

• 1A charging current

• 100-240V AC 50/60Hz input voltage

• Approx. 2-10 hours of use (Spot: 3 hours)

• Approx. 4 hours charging time

• Ultra high CRI+ COB LED light source

• Color temperature adjustable in 5 steps (2500K-6500K)

• Weight: 267g (net)


1 × SCANGRIP Sunmatch 4 hand lamp

1 × SCANGRIP diffuser small

1 × 1m USB charging cable for SCANGRIP lights (USB to Mini DC)

1 × manual

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Scangrip Sunmatch 4 New

Φακός χειρός ελέγχου χρώματος με βάση

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